Premium Service

Being selected by your company we do become a part of your team and a critical component to a successful search.

Our service starts when we get the client's first telephone call or e-mail and does not end during the whole period of our co-operation. Our agency does not abandon the client once a search is completed. We follow up our placements to make sure our candidate delivers an added value to employer. We, at Staffburg, believe that dedication to developing client company is the essential of long term partnership with our clients.

We share a common view of vacancy requirements and a desired candidate's profile and we have the same goal – finding a professional who will contribute much to your company's bottom line. Our advantages allow us to deliver the best result within the optimal timeline.

For us, at Staffburg, the extension of vacancy portfolio is not an end in itself – we only accept a number of positions allowing us to provide our every client with high quality service in accordance with our corporate standards.

Saving Your Time

We, at Staffburg, do value the time of our clients and make them enjoy the time saving benefit in different ways:

  • our clients interact directly with the recruiter assigned to the search project. There is no intermediary in the working process. You will not have to spend your time on repeat explanation of search details. Since there is no intermediary in the search process we can react on your inquiries immediately;
  • our clients do not have to get distracted undertaking a labor market research - at no additional charge for you we provide you with a competitive analysis of your job opening;
  • our clients do not have to waste their time interviewing unqualified candidates – we present to you only a small number of highly qualified candidates that meet the particular job requirements;
  • our clients are welcome to delegate to Staffburg the creation or modification of a job description.

Perhaps our Search and Selection Process in whole is focused on the optimization of your respective efforts.

Unique Network of Professional Contacts

Thanks to years dedicated by our team members to financial and economic activities we possess a powerful network of contacts in our area of specialization. This helps us significantly in direct search – a process of locating best prospective candidates.

You can be assured that we will make our strong network of contacts work for you in the most efficient way possible.

Extended Guarantee Period

At Staffburg, we believe that a genuinely successful search to be assessed in longer term – when the placed candidate has contributed to client's business. Those, having found exceptional candidates for your team we offer to you an extended guarantee period – up to 6 months for the middle-management professionals and up to 1 year for executives.

Flexible Approach to Cooperation

Our approach is highly adaptable, since no two clients and no two job openings are alike. Every search assignment is unique.

We do not make multiple sales of the same product – we start from scratch with every new search. Individually. Only for You.

For this reason we are ready to evolve and adapt our working processes and procedures to Your specific needs even though they are developed in line with best international practices of our industry.

As well we developed a flexible approach to the level of our involvement into the personnel search process. As a result we can handle with full scope of the search and selection process or contribute our expertise to selected stages of it, e.g. for candidates' professional assessment, references checking for short-list candidates etc.

Should you have any questions or wish to get a free confidential consultation with a Staffburg recruiter, please do hesitate to write us or call us at: +7 (499) 116-3337. We will get in touch we you as soon as possible.